Meet The Cannabis Queen

The Cannabis Queen is the premier manufacturer of marijuana infused jerky, located in Aspen, Colorado. We combine the highest quality meat products, spices and Colorado grown marijuana to produce our jerky.

Taste the Queen.

Each of our pieces of jerky, either hot and spicy or teriyaki, contains 10mg of the highest quality THC, a sativa dominant hybrid. We infuse our products with CO2 oil at our state of the art facility in Aspen.

How to Buy?

These products are available for wholesale only to licensed dispensaries in Colorado and can be ordered on LeafLink.


Where did the Cannabis Queen come from?

The Cannabis Queen began developing infused jerky in the spring of 2015. After more than a year of research and development with our master chemist and bud enthusiast, we created the first marijuana infused jerky in Colorado.

Combining the perfect blend of spices and CO2 extracted cannabis oil, The Cannabis Queen has created pieces of gourmet jerky, each containing 10mg of THC.  Two flavors are now available; hot and spicy & teriyaki.

Mmmmmarijuana meets meat snacks.

We believe that you deserve a HIGH with HIGH STANDARDS.

Our jerky is cured at our in-house facility in Aspen, located high in the Colorado Rockies.

We source only the highest quality ingredients, combining them to create a one of a kind jerky experience.

Need we say more? Okay, we will.

Each jerky strip is discretely packaged and contains 10mg of THC.

So what do you call Cannabis Queen jerky?

Ganja Jerky. Grass Jerky. Pot Jerky. Weed Jerky.

Happy Jerky. Hooch Jerky. 420 Jerky. Bud Jerky.

Mary Jane Jerky. Kind Jerky. Herb Jerky. Savory Jerky.

Call it what you want, but it’s tasty!


The Cannabis Queen on the Go

Cannabis Queen jerky is the perfect product for the active person who is on the go.

No refrigeration is required so you don’t have to worry about it melting in your pocket or pack.

Our delicious jerky is gluten free and is also a great source of protein with an added punch.

CQ on the go Products 340x453

Where can you buy the Queen?

The Queen is available in 100+ rec dispensaries in Colorado.

If you are a vendor and want to know how you can have this savory product on your shelves, please contact us at 970-315-2043.